Hourly Rates for Bookkeeping: A Complete Guide

what is the going rate for bookkeeping services

For example, tools like Dext allow you to pull and digitize data from paper invoices to cut down on data entry. The best way to know if a pricing structure will work for you is by testing it. Noticing trends for the different pricing systems that you test is key to establishing the right balance. Fixed-fee pricing allows you to increase profit as you increase efficiency—the more efficiently you can work, the greater the profit margin.

For another great article about billing for bookkeeping services by the hour, check out this post over at Fit Small Business. On the other hand, there are times you can charge a much higher hourly rate. When you’re just starting your bookkeeping practice, you may not know how long it will take you to complete regular tasks.


Whether you outsource your bookkeeping or decide to hire someone in-house, it’s no question that this is an important position to consider when managing your business. Let’s jump into the details and explore your options for bookkeeping as a small to medium sized business. Instead, let’s talk about the different ways to charge for bookkeeping services.

what is the going rate for bookkeeping services

More experienced bookkeepers usually ask for higher fees because they can do the job better and faster. These factors help bookkeepers decide how much to charge so they can cover their bookkeeping services pricing costs and make a living. Since the information gathered in bookkeeping is used by accountants and business owners, it is the basis of all the financial statements generated.

Simplify Your Business Finances

Whether you opt for basic bookkeeping or full-service bookkeeping and accounting, either option can help you be better prepared come tax season. Additionally, a bookkeeper may work with an accountant, who is responsible for more advanced tasks such as assessing the health of a business or generating financial statements. And now that you know the answer to the question “How much does a bookkeeper cost? ” you may wonder what exactly a bookkeeper does and the different types of bookkeeping services you can pay for. Chances are, clients are going to be more willing to pay an accounting firm more money over another if they have more experience. Do your research ahead of time to find average rates for services in your state.

what is the going rate for bookkeeping services

Now that you know the answer to the question “How much does a bookkeeper cost? You may also consider using online bookkeeping services and accounting software to save time and money, all while meeting your bookkeeping needs. Bookkeepers do a lot of different things to help businesses keep track of their money. They can handle daily records, pay bills, and make sure you’re ready for tax time by preparing W2 forms.