Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. EDP-Elderly Company Thisbled Products Co., Ltd. when you receive products that have been ordered from and EDP online channels.

Replacement conditions or return

  • If you encounter a problem after receiving the product and wish to exchange or return the product Please contact the staff Call 065-240-7895 (08.00-17.00) to request a change. or return the product back to the company
  • Receive goods in perfect condition (perfect condition means the product has not been altered, damaged, price tags, brand tags are still intact and packed in the packaging of that product. in the same condition as the condition that the Company delivered to the buyer) and under the conditions specified by the product manufacturer
  • Accept return of defective products due to manufacturing. or caused by a mistake in delivery such as shipping the wrong model, size or color, etc.
  • Must be returned together with the instruction manual. Warranty card or equipment that comes with the product along with the packaging of the product in its entirety
  • Products received under the promotional conditions such as freebies, redemption items, redemption items, etc. must be returned with the main product.
  • Changing or returning the product if it exceeds the specified date, the company does not accept exchange or return in all cases.

Period and procedure for replacement and return

  • Exchange and return of goods by post When the customer has sent proof of purchase / proof of payment / tax invoice (in case the customer has received a tax invoice) with the product in perfect condition. (No unpacking of the product) Sent back to the company. (Returning by post may take approximately 4-7 business days). The product will be inspected by the staff. and will contact the customer within 5 working days from the date the company receives the return of the product to confirm the return status by changing the product and refunds to customers will be completed within 15 working days.

Proof of change and return

  • Proof of purchase / proof of payment / tax invoice (in case the customer receives a tax invoice)
  • Proof of payment via bank / E-mail confirmation of payment via credit card or payment confirmation documents from other payment methods

Refund conditions

  • The customer will receive a refund after the officer receives the product. and confirm the product status no later than 7 working days
  • The company reserves the right to refund beyond the specified period. If force majeure

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