In the elderly population, knee pain is most common, which can be a result of diseases such as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis, etc., by this disease will make walking difficult. and poor balance until it may cause the danger of falling Therefore, in this group of elderly people, there should be a walking support device as the main base to help the elderly to walk stably.

What are some walking aids?


This device is a steel rail that attaches to a wall or floor. Acts as an anchor for the elderly to support themselves walking in short distances, such as inside the bathroom, etc. For the big disadvantage of the handrail is that this type of walking support device is located locally. unable to move making it inconvenient to use outside.

Walking stick

It is a basic walking aid for elderly people with walking disabilities. This walking serves as a support for the elderly to support themselves to continue walking. Walking aids like canes are easy to carry around. and easy to carry But the cane itself has a disadvantage in that it cannot help as a basis for the elderly to lose weight on both sides at the same time.


A walking aid with four legs that make the walker a stable walker. and helps to balance better than a walking stick The walker is a lightweight walking aid that is easy to move. But walkers generally can’t be folded and shrunk, and they are still large, so they’re not commonly used for travel or outdoor use.

What is a Walking Aid or a Rollator?

From the foregoing, it can be seen that when using a device such as an elderly person, for example, it is necessary to lift the device off the ground every time they move or take a step, resulting in uneven walking or stuttering. Therefore, there must be a Rollator walking aid to help make the movement more flexible.

A walker or a Rollator walker is similar to a walker with 4 wheels, allowing the elderly to use it without having to lift the device up, resulting in less strain on the arms to lift the device. gait and more stable than ever

What are the advantages of walking aids or rollators?

      • A walking aid or Rollator has a hand brake system. Make it safe to use.
      • Walking aid seat Help the elderly to sit and rest during walking.
      • Because the device has wheels, it makes walking more flexible. And it’s easier to walk than other types of devices.
      • Lightweight stroller And foldable, so it’s easy to move for outdoor use.
      • Reduce the risk of tripping due to intermittent walking

    In summary, how can the Rollator walker help the elderly?
    There are many components in caring for the elderly. Daily living is also one of the components of caring for the elderly. Therefore, the use of walking aids can help the elderly to live their daily lives safely. It also increases the quality of life for the elderly as well.

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